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Most manufacturers initially manage their businesses with a combination of a basic accounting package and Excel. That works fine up to a point, but as the company grows and your operations become more complex the spreadsheets that you use to track Inventory, Production Scheduling, BoMs, and so on become unmanageable, and mistakes start to happen. That's where MISys Manufacturing comes in.

MISys takes a powerful, affordable manufacturing system and integrates it with the most popular accounting packages on the market including Quickbooks and Sage 50. That means you can add the manufacturing functionality you need, without disrupting the entire organization or blowing your budget.


Is MISys the right fit for you?

MISys allows manufacturers to choose modules that fit their current requirements while leaving room for additional functionality as business needs expand. To learn more about the MISys modules and to determine which modules are the best fit for you, take the MISys tour.

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MISys works with the accounting systems you already count on.

There are three significant benefits to having your manufacturing system integrate with the accounting system you already use, these include:


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1. Change Management

The alternative to purchasing a manufacturing system that integrates with the accounting system already in use is replacing all systems with a single, accounting-inclusive ERP system. That’s a significant change, and it’s a risky proposition for many organizations. MISys Manufacturing offers the option of adding the manufacturing system functionality that the organization has been missing without disrupting the accounting department, which is already fully-trained in a system that meets the needs of that department.




Manufacturers who choose to work with MISys double up on the savings. While MISys has equal or greater manufacturing functionality to many of the brand name ERP systems, it comes at a fraction of the cost. However, in addition to the savings on license fees, there are the implementation costs to consider. A MISys implementation is smaller in scope than a soup-to-nuts ERP implementation because you’re leaving the accounting system in place. That translates to less outside (consulting) help to complete the MISys project, and less impact on internal resources and the organization as a whole.

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3. Best of Breed

There is truth to the argument that working with two integrated systems – accounting and manufacturing in this case – is advantageous. Sage and QuickBooks understand accounting. Their systems function as advertised; both are dependable in the release of regular updates. In turn, Manufacturing Information Systems, the maker of MISys, focuses on what they know best, manufacturing. Together, they make a beautiful couple.


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