A bit of information for MISys users who upgrade to Sage 50 Canada 2019.1 while on a MISys Version prior to

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OK, for those in the MISys community who are using Sage 50 Canada and are keeping current with payroll, here’s a quick bit of information for you.  When you upgrade to Sage 50 Canada 2019.1 you may find that suddenly you’re having some issues doing your period ends.  You may get an error saying something like ‘Latest Transaction occurs after the end of the current fiscal year in Sage 50 CAN’.  This is happening because Sage made an unexpected change to the system that impacted the period process in MISys when it connects to Sage to do the period end posting.  Fortunately, the industrious guys at MISys have created a patch that can be applied to deal with the change made by Sage (big thanks to the dev team at MISys).  If you need the patch give us a call and we’ll hook you up.