Change Landing Page / Dashboard on User Login in Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Tutorial.png

Acumatica is a highly customizable ERP system. It allows users to hide/display workspace and forms, put commonly used forms in Favorites and add menu items and tiles into menus.

A customer favorite to personalize Acumatica is to change the landing page/dashboard on user login. This allows users to access their most used forms, perform activity or see dashboard information upon logging into Acumatica. 

To set this up, users should first login to Acumatica. Next, click on the pull-down menu by the user icon/name on the top right corner and select My Profile.

Acumatica User.png

On the General Info tab > Personal Settings section, look for the 'Home Page' entry field.

Acumatica User.png

From the site map diagram, select the desired page to display. For example, if I'm in Accounts Receivable and I process invoices daily, I can select the 'Invoices and Memos' form under Accounts Receivable > Work Area > Enter > Invoices and Memos. Save user profile and the change will be in effect next time I log in. It is the same approach to displaying the ‘AR Clerk’ dashboard (Shared Dashboards > Dashboards > Finance > AR Clerk).

Acumatica ERP.png

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