Hide Closed Orders in MISys 6.4.3

Hide Closed Orders in MISys 6.4.3-1.jpg

Hello Again!

If you’re lagging and waiting for a good reason to upgrade to MISys 6.4.3; I think I’ve got the perfect reason for you.

Right now, you probably have hundreds if not thousands of closed MO’s, WO’s and PO’s sitting in your database forcing you to filter for open records or move forward to the last page just to get to that last PO or MO you just entered. Well with MISys 6.4.3, there is now a nice new feature that will allow you to bypass all those extra clicks. Have a look below:

Current List of Open PO’s:

Hide Closed Orders in MISys 6.4.3-2.png

Selecting “Hide Closed Orders”

Hide Closed Orders in MISys 6.4.3-3.png

This feature is available to decrease the list of MO’s, PO’s and Work Orders that are visible with the open to show or hide the closed records.

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