Close Multiple Orders in MISys 6.4.3

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Hello Again!

If you’re lagging and waiting for a good reason to upgrade to MISys 6.4.3; I think I’ve got the perfect reason for you.

If your teams are not systematically closing out old MO’s, or PO’s then your database likely has a large number of “open” records that still have the ability to have transactions posted against them. With MISys 6.4.3 there is a great new way to close out multiple records at a time, which will be a HUGE timesaver for your team in the event you might need to close out these old records and tidy up your database records.

Current List of Open PO’s – Assume P12-P14 need to be closed:

Select the lines that need to be closed, then simple click “Close POs”

Hide Closed Orders in MISys 6.4.3-1.png

MISys will prompt you confirm and to select if you want to create a backup of your system – which you may or may not opt to do.

Once processed, MISys will confirm that the records were closed and voila!

Hide Closed Orders in MISys 6.4.3-2.png

Selecting “Hide Closed Orders” as shown in the previous post will limit the list you see to only OPEN/INACTIVE records

Hide Closed Orders in MISys 6.4.3-3.png

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