MISys Pagination

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When choosing the number of records to display in MISys (in Company Options | Display), your primary focus should balance ease of use and performance. If you have a large dataset or years of transactional records, you cannot avoid pagination.

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Displaying as many records per page (max. of 9,999) allows users to scroll through a long list without hitting the previous/next page but takes MISys much longer to refresh and organize larger quantity of data on each page. Choosing few records per page makes each page snappy but takes a lot more previous/next page click to find your record. From my experience, 200-500 offers a nice balance of records on display and speed. Using the Look for function is an excellent alternative.

With pagination comes the challenge to sort and find records and you need to repeat ‘sort-and-scroll’ on every page. A better option is to turn off pagination temporarily to display All records, then use ‘sort-and-scroll’ find records.

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