User Permission Requirements for MISys/QuickBooks Integration


When using MISys Manufacturing with QuickBooks as the accounting software – it is important to remember that each user needs to have their permissions pre-defined within QuickBooks in order to effectively post the three types of transactions that affect the GL àSales Transfers, PO Invoicing & Period Ends.

The following tables indicate which “Roles & Permissions” are required to provide sufficient access to MISys Manufacturing depending on which edition of QuickBooks is being used (which can also be found in MISys under: 

Home > Integration Guides > Intuit QuickBooks > Required QuickBooks Roles/Permissions

Table 1.png

To accomplish the set up of these roles and restrictions – please have a look below and ensure the existing or new users being added to the system are listed in the “class list” for the required role that user will take on within QuickBooks. For example, a new user that will be a purchaser that receives & invoices PO’s àthey would need to be included in AP Class List & the Inventory Class List. All roles that affect QuickBooks from MISys require “Full Activity Access”

See below for adding users to a Class List in QuickBooks

Full activity access to Accounting àgeneral journal, Lists àChart of accounts and lists àclass Lists

Table 2.png

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