Does Manufacturing Quality Matter...?

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This post deals with Manufacturing Quality Records and if you answered ‘No’, then hopefully your company does have an ISO Quality Management or GMP Good Manufacturing Practice program in place.!  : )

As a manufacturer, success likely means that customers want to conduct business with you, which is often the result of favorable experiences with Product Quality and On-Time Delivery. 

To help achieve these objectives, many companies implement a Quality Management system, and some become certified to a recognized standard. The most common quality standard that I come across is ISO 9001. The current release, ISO 9001:2015, sets out requirements that help businesses become more effective and improve customer satisfaction. 

While Manufacturing Software systems are not generally designed to handle the full set of Quality Management (QMS) elements, it may be surprising to learn that some top-rated Manufacturing Software packages do handle many of them. 

Here are a couple examples with respect to MISys Manufacturing software:

ISO9001:2015 Section 8 – Operation Planning and Control

Production history, which can include Serial & Lot/Batch traceability records, can be quickly accessed for internal review or at the request of your external QMS assessor. 

ISO9001:2015 Section 9 – Performance Evaluation

Another element of Manufacturing control is Tooling, Monitoring and Measurement equipment. The MISys Tool master can maintain a comprehensive set of Tooling and MM data, including serial Numbers, usage history, calibration status and availability.

We all know that manufacturing success depends on producing quality products. A capable Manufacturing software system that handles some of your QMS records can help achieve this goal. 

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MISys Manufacturing is an affordable and comprehensive software package that enables manufacturers to manage their production related activities efficiently. The software is designed for small to medium-sized manufacturers and integrates with the most widely used accounting systems: Sage 300 ERP, Sage 50 Canadian Edition, Sage 50 US Edition and QuickBooks.

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