MISys 6.4 Installation Error

MISys Error.png

Are you running MISys

Users that are running MISys version 6.4 and need to install MISys for a new user or re-install MISys may get the following error:

MISys Manufacturing Error01.png

Microsoft has moved the file that MISys requires for the install.

 So now what?

 To resolve the issue, an update will be required for existing installs.  Please make sure everyone is out of MISys and create a backup of your MISys data.

 Next, update the MISys server by logging into the MISys Manufacturing Server Administration Application and click on the “Check for Updates”

MISys Manufacturing Error02.png

Click okay to run the update process.

MISys Manufacturing Error03.png

Once completed, when users log into to MISys client they will be prompted to apply the update.  Once the update is applied they will be able to log in to MISys.

For new install, a new install file will be required.  Click on the link below to get the install file required for new installs. (Reminder this is for NEW installs only as existing MISys clients are updated already by following the steps above)

Install File Link

MISys Manufacturing Error04.png

Please contact us if you have any further questions.