How to Filter the Information You See in Grid View in MISys

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If data isn’t purged from time to time, you might find yourself looking at a long list of old information when pulling up the grid view for things like Manufacturing Orders or Purchase Orders. Rather than sifting through the rows of information to find what you’re looking for – a much better way would be to set an advanced filter to help minimize the number of records.

 For example – your company may have hundreds of PO’s entered into MISys. As time goes by, the list gets longer and longer – with a vast majority of these PO’s being “closed” but not “purged” from the system. As a purchaser, you may want to only look at a list of Inactive or Open PO’s that are in the system as Closed PO’s don’t affect your day to day work. A quick way of accomplishing this is shown below:

1)    When in “Grid View” – click “Advanced” 

MISys Manufacturing Software Information.png

2)    A pop-up window will open – the “advanced” search criteria. 

MISys Manufacturing Software Information.png

Adjust the clause to by selecting each of the 4 variables of the clause. In this case, we do not want “closed” purchase orders to show in grid view. Once the 4 variables are set. Click “Add” and the clause will move to the “Criteria” section. Once satisfied will all the criteria set by adding “and/or/not” selections between criteria’s – click “Set”

3)    The adjusted, filtered “Grid View” will display accordingly – in this case, no “closed” PO’s are shown. 

MISys Manufacturing Software Information.png

You will now note that the “Clear” button is highlighted in yellow indicating that an advanced search criterion has been set. Clicking this button resets the criteria to null and the advanced search can be reconfigured. The “Save” button allows users to set the criteria in stone, allowing users to toggle between functions within MISys without losing the set search criteria until cleared. 

Overall, as you get used to the criteria selections, the advanced search can become a very powerful tool to help you filter through vast amounts of records and save you time in your day to day searches. 


Dean Jamal