How to Kick Inactive Users out of MISys Manufacturing Software

Boot Utility.png

Our goal at Central Nervous Systems is to make things easier for manufacturers, so we work on features that will enable MISys users to do things quickly and more effectively. Here is a feature developed by Central Nervous Systems to make your job easier:

Boot Utility

Do you get tired of having to yell across the office - 'Can someone please find out if Billy is logged into MISys? Isn't he on Holidays this week?' If you're out of MISys licenses and some of the people at your company seem to be reluctant to log out (even when they go on holidays) then we've got a solution for you. We have a service that can run on your MISys server that will kick all users out of the system at a predefined time every day (maybe at 1:00 AM so you're not disturbing too many people who are actually using the system).

If you need something like that, give us a call at CNS and we'll hook you up - for a modest fee of course!