A Simpler Way to Process Shop Operations

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Shop Operation Mobile (SOM) is a web application that allows users to transact MISys shop operations. This application addresses 3 common pain points:

  1. Only users with knowledge of Manufacturing Order and Shop Floor Control modules can process routing transaction

  2. There are many steps and screens to go through

  3. Cannot use a barcode scanner to eliminate data entry errors 

SOM is designed to use barcode as the primary mode for data entry – for user authentication, selecting MO no. and selecting operation no. This is facilitated by a CNS’ modified MO traveler to print MO no. and operation no. in a barcode.

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Shop Operation Mobile 2.png

Operators can use SOM to clock-in when they begin MO operation and clock-out when they’re done. SOM will calculate the elapsed time and report that as Completed Run Time for the MO operation. Supervisors have the additional function to start/complete quantity for operation.

Shop Operation Mobile 3.png

In summary, SOM provides a web interface for conducting essential MISys shop operations. SOM can be run on any desktop or mobile device with a web browser and connection to the company network. This offers mobility to users anywhere in the production facility. The use of barcode scanning reduces data entry error and the simple user interface is easy to use and quick to complete target transactions.

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Eric Lee