Posting Period End in MISys

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Most of the transactions that accumulate in the Master Transaction Log have accounting implications which must be transferred to your accounting system's General Ledger. By running the Period End function, you create subledger journal entries for all the unposted transactions in the Master Transaction Log depending on the General Ledger feed option selected in the MISys Company Options.

The Period End function should be run on a daily basis OR in the worse case every couple of days.  Posing the Period End monthly is not encouraged.

1.     To complete a period end in MISys, click on the “Accounting” module to get to the accounting section

2.     Click on “Period End”

3.     Keep the dates as is

4.     On the print layout, click on the combo box pull down icon

5.     Select “Summary by Date”

6.     Click on the “Print Unposted” button

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7.     Review the dates listed to make sure that all the transactions can be posted in the accounting program

NOTE: This step is VERY IMPORTANT.  Posting transactions that are outside the allowable posting dates in the accounting program WILL CAUSE SIGNIFICANT errors in the accounting program that could lead to posting errors.

8.     Click the “Close” icon

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9.     Once the transaction dates are reviewed and confirmed that the dates fall within the open posting dates in the accounting program, click on the “Post” button

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10.     MISys will prompt you to create a backup.  ALWAYS Click “Yes’

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11.     Click “OK” button

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12.     MISys will show the journal number used for posting, click on the “OK” button.

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