What Makes Acumatica Different?

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In this post, I want to share a great article that I read from Mint Jutras. The article is titled “What makes Acumatica Different?” The author, Cindy Jutras, opens the article by commenting on how many ERP publishers struggle with the perception that systems have become commodified. She states that “while it’s true that an ERP must have all the basics in order to compete today, in reality, the range of functionality, as well as the underlying technology architecture, can vary tremendously. And yet, it is also true that many ERP vendors find it difficult to differentiate themselves. Why?”

Good question. Why is that? Here’s her response:

1.    “Because go-to-market messages (which are meant to differentiate a vendor or solution) are either overly complex or distilled down to sound bites or a tagline that all begin to sound the same. Either way, they become meaningless.
2.    Because it is very easy to say “yes” to everything on a request for proposal (RFP), even when “yes” is a real stretch.
3.    Because on the surface many solutions look quite similar. Those who do demos for a living can make most anything look easy.
4.    Unless you fully understand the technology under the covers, the potential advantages or disadvantages of the architecture also remain hidden. And let’s face it, most business people in need of a new solution today are not and have no inclination to be technologists.”

For companies evaluating ERP systems, these four answers should remain top of mind. To find out “What Makes Acumatica Different,” you can download the full article HERE.