Looking up Items Using the Manufacturer’s or Supplier’s Part Number in MISys

Manufacturing Software Implementation.png

All right, I’m sitting in the office between Christmas and New Years and Mona wants a blog post so I think ‘what’s come up recently that might be useful to folks in the MISys world?’  Then I remember Frank calling and saying ‘Why can’t I look up parts by the number that the manufacturer uses?’.  Frank’s been using MISys for a while and I’m thinking if Frank didn’t know where it is then maybe a lot of others don’t know so here you go.  You can lookup parts using either the supplier’s or the manufacturer’s part number by going to the Master Files Menu and choosing Look-Ups->Product Code like you see here:

MISys Manufacturing-Sample Company Inc..png

That will bring up the search box so you can search by either the Supplier or Manufacturer Product codes and choose how you want to search:

Look Ups.png

Hit the Look Up button and the results will appear below in the grid area.

Hope that helps, call us for more information.