For Central Nervous Systems, choosing to partner with Acumatica was a no-brainer.

There are a lot of ERP systems to choose from, but many aren’t aging well, and most are not keeping up with technology.  When Central Nervous Systems was evaluating ERP publishers, we carefully considered the criteria we knew to be critical to a modern manufacturing business, applied all of our collective experiences working in many manufacturing sectors (and with various ERP systems), and concluded, that Acumatica was the obvious choice.

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Why Acumatica?

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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Acumatica is a cloud-based ERP system. That means, regardless of whether you are on the shop floor, in the yard, or even halfway around the world, your access to the information you need to run your manufacturing business is no different than if you were sitting at your desk.


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Unlimited Users

Most ERP software publishers charge a license fee for each user. For a growing manufacturer, that can get expensive!  With Acumatica, there is no cost to add users; everyone who needs to can access the software.


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Consumption-based pricing

Acumatica's innovative 'consumption-based' pricing model will change the way you think about adding users to the system. Prices are based not on the number of users, but rather, on the computing resources your company needs related to business transactions and data storage. In other words, you pay only for what you use.


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Unique Deployment Options

The vast majority of Acumatica customers access the system through the Acumatica cloud. However, Acumaitica is unique in that it is not solely a cloud-based SaaS product. Only Acumatica lets you choose between a cloud deployment, your hosting provider, or on-premise. These flexible deployment options are a particular benefit to those manufacturers who have limited internet access or are subject to restrictions or regulations about where their data can reside or how it can be accessed.


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The xRP Development Platform

Acumatica's secret weapon is the xRP Platform. Think of this proprietary platform as a rapid application development tool that we can use to customize workflows, change user interfaces and configure the system to your individual needs.


Explore the benefits of
Acumatica specific to your role.

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Business Lead

When you are running a business, you need accurate and timely information to understand where your business is now, and how to plan for the future. Acumatica delivers flexible dashboards and reporting that let you know what is happening across the organization—in real time.



Sales Lead

If you're in charge of the company’s sales and marketing functions, you need systems to help in every area of the business that touches the customer from estimating and quoting to transaction history and pricing, Acumatica provides it all.

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Finance Lead

As the person in charge of the finances, you need a financial management system that gives you access to accurate, up-to-date information on the financial health of your organization. Bottom line, that system is Acumatica.



Operations Lead

Are you always looking for ways to increase productivity, improve quality and lower costs. Acumatica provides you with automated processes and oversight into every part of your organization so you can ensure operations are running like a well-oiled machine.

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IT Lead

As the IT Lead, you need to oversee IT operations, guide technology purchase decisions, keep hardware and software adequately maintained and up-to-date, plus, manage IT expenses, capital expenditures, financial plans, and forecasts. Acumatica provides the tools and flexibility you need to build an IT management strategy that works for you.


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